Company philosophy

Our company philosophy is simple: Quality, service and delivery reliability – and all at the highest level.

Let's start with reliable delivery: From the word go, we do not promise what we cannot deliver, but the promises we do give, we fulfil with the utmost reliability.

To get to the next point, quality is now unfortunately a concept which is over-used. We take it seriously. For this reason, we use special wear-resistant materials and surfaces with long service lives. The ability to undertake computer-aided manufacturing and the skills of the employees are combined to achieve high standards of production, which are subject to rigorous quality management (ISO 9001:2008).

And so we come to service. Although signs of wear are hardly avoidable over the long term even with our products, our perfection and precision-calibrated repair service is quickly able to make your drawing stages usable again through regrinding. This provides you with a favourable price-performance ratio that lasts.

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